Mother India  21 fragrance box

Mother India 21 fragrance box

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21 Frg MiniStick Sampler (5" Sticks and 4 Sticks per Fragrance)

Fragrances: Agni, Amrita, Arjava, Amrita, Ananda, Bhakti, Ganesh, Hansa, Jyoti , Lakshmi, Lavanya, Lila, Moksha, Om, Purusha, Raddha, Rishi, Shanti, Sattwa, Vishnu, Yajna.

The Mother’s Fragrances NagChampa Incense are made with a wide range of aromatic gums, resins, wood powders, essential oils, and perfumes. However the key ingredient is a native India resin called Halmaddi, a soft gum-like resin obtained from the Ailanthus Malaba-rica tree by making incisions in the bark. This tree is commonly called The Tree of Heaven. Halmaddi is treacle (like sugar cane syrup or molasses): when fresh it hardens into a brittle but plastic resin with a strong balsamic odor. That is why Halmaddi is normally preserved in water to help it retain its soft gum-like texture. When mixed with honey, its balsamic odor is further sweetened. The combination of Halmaddi and honey enables the slow and long burning of these NagChampa Incenses, and gives them wide diffusiveness as well. Halmaddi is revered for its metaphysical and medicinal values.

These ingredients are all of the PUREST nature, as the base ingredients for these wonderful fragrances.